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We are approved to help with On-The-Job injuries! Call us today!

At Parkside Spine Care, we are very supportive of workers who have been injured while at work. Managing the stress of the pain while trying to understand the complex nature of Industrial Insurance, many patients just do not know what to do.

We pride ourselves on assisting you get out of pain and back to work and back to your livelihood! In our office we have combined therapies which saves you time from driving to and from multiple sites to get the care you need.

We off the following services:

We are able to help with the process of:

Opening A Claim

You can come straight here and fill out your paperwork, get your exam and we will forward the claim directly to Labor and Industries.

Time Loss

In the event that you need to take time off, Dr. Campbell will communicate with L&I and make sure the necessary documentation is completed.

Activity Prescription Forms

If your position needs to be changed to light duty or modified so you can recover from your injury while continuing to work, Dr. Campbell will complete these needed forms on your behalf.

Our chiropractic office is fully equipped to complete your examination and take any series of X-Rays necessary. In more serious cases, Dr. Campbell may refer patients for an MRI.

Whatever the case may be, we are here to help! We’d love to meet you and answer your questions. Give Parkside Back & Neck Care a call today!
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